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Kurabiye Street No:8 Beyoglu Taksim

If you like vegetable and different tastes, go to Zencefil. The place is not only for the vegetarians but also for the ones who are on diet. They can serve more people in their new place. They are on the same street but just on the opposite side.

The place is open from 10.00 to 10.30 except Sundays. The breakfast is served until 12.00, and you can find meals on any time. There are three parts to sit: the garden, the part surrounded with glass and the hidden part. The quality and the taste is the same in Zencefil for 10 years. In their new larger place, chat and silence is possible.

You can try the vegetable food of the world cuisines except red meat and fried food. When you visit Zencefil, first comes the specially cooked hot bread, and then butter with parsley. Vegetable salad is for the ones who are fond of their taste. In all kinds of food, they use olive oil. The main meal is made of the vegetables of the season. The useful green vegetables of nature are indispensable.

Kiş with chard, potatoe with mushrooms, pastry with vegetable, spagetti with pesto sauce are the ones that you can find in Zenzefil every day. In Zencefil which is one of the pioneers of vegetarian restaurants, you should taste the hot wines and lemonade.

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