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Kadir Has Avenue (Near to Kadir Has University) No:9 Cibali Fatih-İstanbul

eminonuKumkapı, district of Eminonu county is a unique place in the world with more than 150 years of history; it was founded during byzantine period as a fishing village. It is possible to see historical buildings such as churches and mosques from byzantine and ottoman period in the district where the pleasure seeking people who enjoyed to eat and drink lived also during Ottoman period.

The first thing that comes to mind about Kumkapi today is “eating-drinking” and “entertainment”. As one of the most touristic districts of Istanbul, it is the most important center of “meyhane”, a common cultural heritage of Turkish, Armenian and Jewish people. Tables on streets paved with cobblestone are filled from the early hours of the evening with local and foreign customers.

Menu of the meyhane contain traditional Ottoman appetizers. After the appetizers, fresh fish is served as the main course. A traditional Turkish alcohol “raki” accompanies the meal. For those who wish wine and various alcoholic beverages, they are also available.
You may encounter different conversations on different languages and while eating you may have the chance to listen traditional Turkish music (fasil) played by street musicians and to watch an oriental dance show.

Kumkapi, one of the most preferred places of Istanbul for local and foreign visitors, is literally transformed to an entertainment place and the entertainment continues till 05.00 in the morning.



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