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Group Florence Nightingale, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is a group of hospitals that offers patient-centered and specialized healthcare by integrating education, research and technology with clinical care.Florence Nightingale Hospitals was founded in 1989, under the body of Turkish Cardiology Foundation, as the first cardiovascular disease hospital in the region.Being named after the world reknowned Englishwoman nurse Ms. Florence Nightingale who is the pioneer of nursing and modern hospital concept, Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals still carries on and continously improves what the “Lady with the Lamp” had started in patient care standards. (By the patient care and hygiene standards Ms. Florence Nightingale brought with her to the battlefield during the Crimean War, she saved thousands of lives and gained the nickname of “Lady with the Lamp”.)Since 1960s, Florence Nightingale Nursing School graduates highly qualified nurses who serve patients not only in Turkey but in many other countries as well.Today, with 3 general hospitals, a medical center, a teaching hospital and clinical research center; Group Florence Nightingale is one of the largest and most reputed hospitals in Europe and the Middle East.Group Florence Nightingale offers medical services in its 600 patient beds, 25 operating rooms, 83 intensive care and 32 emergency beds. Planning to introduce its new hospital in 2010 which is architecturally designed to be “a smart hospital”, the total number of patient beds of the Group will reach a 1000 beds.

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