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Zühtüpaşa Mah. Fener Kalamış Cad. No: 108 Fenerbahçe Kadıköy - İstanbul


belvu - fenerbahceAs one of the preferred places of Atatürk, a famous night club in the past, Belvü had a decisive role in city’s night life while it was the most famous night club especially in Anatolian side. While it served as a night club, most famous singers and stars of the period took its stage. Among its regulars there were famous people and even Müzeyyen Senar took stage as a big star for the first time here.  For years people of Istanbul ran to Belvü Casino to listen famous singers such as Mermaid Eftalya and cruised on boats in front of the night club and enjoyed the warm summer evenings.

With time Belvü Casino saw some changes. As Istanbul night clubs closed up, Belvü Casino was closed also. But it welcomed its customers with a different face. Now it continues its business with three different concepts, BELVU Sea fish restaurant, BELVU fireside barbecue restaurant and JARDIN bistro. It opens at 09:00 and keeps serving its customers till 03.00 everyday. Fenerbahçe Belvü can serve 300 customers in the building and almost 2000 customers outside. While the menu of the lounge changes depending on the restaurant, you can find excellent tastes from meat, fish or world cuisine in different restaurants situated on the same facility.

In belvü grill barbecue restaurant, you can taste some of the most special meals of oriental cuisine, Belvü special, Antep Ali Nazik, Altı ezmeli, vegetable kebab, kebab with garlic, Mardin kebab, ribs, küşneme (lamb fillet), külbastı (grilled cutlet), lamb tandoor, fındık lahmacun (known as Turkish pizza), meatball stuffed with cracked wheat, gavurdağı salad (tomato salad with herbs and pomegranate), iskender kebab… When you order your meal, the meal is prepared on a grill and served on a small copper barbecue filled with hot cinder. This way your meal never gets cold.

Belvu Sea Restaurant is a popular place for sea food lovers. From Turkish cuisine’s appetizers to Greek and Armenian appetizers, from the Aegean herbs to sevketi bostan, from sea bass sushi to albiberli stuffed anchovy all appetizers appropriate for different tastes and from curry sauce fish soap to pancake with seafood, from cabbage roll with seafood to fish kokoreç (generally made by grilled sheep's intestines) and fish kebab, you can taste many kinds of fishes and also you can enjoy the ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and sesame prepared by our chef itself.

And in Jardin Bistro, you can find exceptional meals just for your taste from world cuisine and you can enjoy your Saturday and Sunday mornings in its garden with Regional Van breakfast. You can have delightful moments on Tuesday tango nights, and on Thursdays with soudjouk and barbeque parties and live acoustic music and soccer fans can enjoy match days on a big screen television and on Friday and Saturdays you can relieve your tiredness with live stage performances…

In this restaurant, you can organize private parties, meetings and corporate organizations at any time of the day. With valet, parking and playgrounds every kind of comfort is available.

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